The journey you've been on not one for the faint of heart. It’s not even one you would have foreseen or chosen. Yet, for whatever reason, it’s a journey you had to go through.


The process rendered many thoughts and emotions. Initially disbelief and confusion; then life altering decisions had to be made.


In all of that there were those who were so divinely brought along side you to give you a hug, cry with you, love you or just sit and listen as you poured out your heart. Maybe you had those that gave a timely word of encouragement saying, “You’re going to make it!”.

So now, you’re here you are, on the other side, in a place where the battle scars seemed to be a sign of defeat, yet now they become the testament that you can make it through anything! You’re stronger because of it...for that, I commend you!  It is truly my honor to be a small part of your journey in giving you a well deserved “badge of honor”

"As if it never happened"